• American Sona Escrow is an intricate part of American Sona Mortgage,
    which specializes in no-Cost Loans for all Californians,
    including Fixed Rate, Adjustable or Home Equity 1st & 2nd Mortgages.
  • Whether you need Cash Out, a Low Monthly Payment, Low Down Payment,
    Lower Interest Rate or an Equity Line, American Sona Mortgage is here
    to help you meet your goal.
  • American Sona Mortgage seeks to identify and understand your Mortgage
    goals in order to professionally tailor a plan that best fits your lending need.
  • Unlike other Mortgage companies, our In-House Escrow will ensure fast
    turn around times.

For American Sona Escrow please call us at: 562.245.0300
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For American Sona Mortgage please call us at: 1.800.671.9534
or by e-mail at: TheManager@AmericanSonaMortgage.com